[CentOS-docs] Request for posting on the CentOS Wiki

Thu Jun 2 12:49:10 UTC 2011
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 01.06.11 22:15, schrieb Wesley:
> Hi Ralph,
> I mean that I believe that I have some useful information on how to deal
> with the "Your session only lasted 10 seconds" issue, and I would like
> to share it with others who might have the same problem. Specifically, I
> noticed that it only happened when I installed a bootable backup drive.
> When I disabled the backup drive I was able to log in OK.

Hmmm. But that is not the only time when you will get that error,
normally it means that something (be it a driver issue, faulty RAM,
segfaulting applications etc.) ends your gnome-session after such a sort
time, so I don't really think your issue covers all - not even most - of
the reasons.

Not that I am ungrateful for someone wanting to add to the CentOS
documentation, but I think your proposal is a bit narrow.

> By the way, how do I change my login name?

I guess creating a new one is the only way.