[CentOS-docs] Postfix howto update for 6

Sun Jun 19 21:30:45 UTC 2011
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 15.06.11 21:13, schrieb Ned Slider:
> Hi list,
> As the author of the Postfix howto:
> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/postfix
> I'm receiving some feedback that some things have changed in el6 (e.g,
> dovecot confs).
> As I don't have any plans to update my mail server to el6 (I intend to
> run el5 until EOL), does anyone have any interest in documenting changes
> for CentOS6 once released?

I can take a look at it, as I broke my dovecot yesterday when updating 
from Fedora 13 to 15 (although that should mean that the one in 6 seems 
similar enough).

Please ping me when we got that far :)

> On a wider note, have we given any thought on how we will handle docs
> for CentOS6? For example, will we just document differences between the
> two within the same article or will we have separate branches and docs
> for where there are major differences?

I guess same as with 4 and 5 - put both in one article and point out