[CentOS-docs] Re : Wiki: Howtos/Virtualization/HyperV

Wed Mar 16 23:35:32 UTC 2011
Ozy the barbarian guitarist <the_barbarian_guitarist at yahoo.fr>

On Wed Mar 16 19:16:19 EDT 2011 Akemi Yagi amyagi at gmail.com  wrote:
>>On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Manuel Wolfshant

>>     I do not use Hyper-V myself ( I tried to avoid any Microsoft
>> product as much as I can, and I see no reason to use their hypervisor
>> since other free solutions exist) and therefore I cannot test, but I've
>> read the article and it seems sane enough. And quite similar to what one
>> must do to get better performance when using other popular solutions
>> such as VMWare.

> I almost forgot about the fact wolfy is fluent in French. I thought
> about asking Fabian because it has to do with 'French' and
> 'guitarist'. :-)

> The article looks like a useful addition to the wiki. I also look
> forward to seeing more contributions from Ozy.

> Akemi

Most of my CentOS articles are about some kind of hybrid troll setups involving 
Microsoft as these are my usual setups.
I have some stuff about CentOS as NT Domain controller, CentOS auths against 
Active Directory, CentOS / Windows 7 samba compatibility guide.
Let's see if Microsoft compatibilty has its place in the CentOS world :)