[CentOS-docs] Proposed Wiki Edit - /HowTos/Laptops/IBM/Thinkpad-T43

Sun May 29 03:19:14 UTC 2011
Cody Jackson <supertanker13 at gmail.com>

Hi all;

I just installed CentOS 5.6 on my IBM ThinkPad T43 and would like to
add my experiences such far. The laptop I have is a different model
than the previous editor's laptop (notably, it has an ATI Mobility
Radeon X300, which required special drivers from elrepo, as opposed to
the Intel graphics chip in the previous editor's laptop) and I think
this bears mentioning in addition to the information already provided.

Also, the current page has a section that says "Please add your
experiences with CentOS-4 here." Since it's unlikely that anyone is
going to install CentOS 4 on an IBM ThinkPad T43 with 5.6 out and 6.0
on the horizon, can this be removed? (If anyone is using CentOS 4 on a
T43, I salute you! You are far more hardcore than I.)

Cody Jackson