[CentOS-docs] Request to Edit Wiki

Fri May 20 01:05:19 UTC 2011
Mike Karasoff <mkarasoff at rgb.com>

Oh.  My wiki name is "Michael Karasoff", MikeKarasoff would be a completely different user.  How do I fix this?  Should I create a new account?


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On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Mike Karasoff <mkarasoff at rgb.com> wrote:
> Thanks Ralph.
> When I log into the Wiki and go to http://wiki.centos.org/MikeKarasoff/?action=edit I get: "You are not allowed to edit this page."  Am I doing something wrong here?  My login name is "Michael Karasoff".
> Mike

I see this acl line:

#acl MikeKarasoff:read,write,revert,admin Default

Your wiki name is expected to be MikeKarasoff there ...

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