[CentOS-docs] how to submit corrections for virt-bridge-errors page?

Tue Nov 1 03:35:55 UTC 2011
Aleksey Tsalolikhin <atsaloli.tech at gmail.com>

Hi.  This page saved me a lot of trouble today, when my Xen 3
multi-bridge setup stopped working after updated from CentOS 5.5 to


However there were a couple of errors in the script:

use of "op" instead of "OP"  (variable name mismatch) and use of


instead of

in the shell "case" structure.

I can't tell if these errors are from redhat.com or from CentOS, and I
couldn't find the Red Hat source.

So I'm posting here just to do something in the general direction of
improving this resource.

Thank you!  Love CentOS.

Yours fondly,