[CentOS-docs] Introduction and Greetings

Fri Apr 6 21:12:15 UTC 2012
Crunch <numbercruncher245 at gmail.com>

Hi All,

For those who didn't get my first email, my name is Paul. I am 32 years 
old. I am a South African,  and currently living in Santiago Chile. I've 
always been messing around or playing on PC's. When I finished high 
school, I started buying books and taking courses. The first machine I 
remember using was a DOS IBM 386. The only thing I did on it was play 
rogue and test drive and I was thrilled by this. Right after school I 
did an MCSE course, and shortly after that I heard about linux in 1998. 
I started off with Redhat 4 or 5 with a 2.2 kernel and it became central 
to my computing interests. I have around 10 years linux/unix support 
experience, mostly networking or ISP orientated roles but also using it 
personally. In a stroke, that is it.

I would like to thank you all for your hospitality. I hope I can be of 
service to you and return the favor, and if there is anything I could 
help with, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.


Paul (Crunch)