[CentOS-docs] My apologies

Fri Apr 13 09:53:23 UTC 2012
Jari Jaakkola <jarijaakkola at fastmail.net>

I feel I have to apologize for not having been able to contribute in any
way to the wiki area. 
I probably gravely overestimated my technical abilities, as I never
could understand how to produce content to the wiki.
Yes, I have tried to 'do my homework' by reading older docs-list
entries, searching and browsing the wiki help area, but I never got
I even took the (wrong) liberty of emailing one of the admins, but got
still nowhere. He told me to log in, which I had already done.
I thought I was at least going to the direction of an intermediate user,
who -if not particularly clever- would not anyway be an "unter-n00b".
Not so.
So I just feel these things have to be left to better hands than mine.

Jari Jaakkola