[CentOS-docs] Link change request

Thu Aug 30 03:04:49 UTC 2012
Christopher Meng <cickumqt at gmail.com>

Hi admin,

Now I start editing the page of CentOS wiki in Simplified Chinese and I
found everypage created by Timothy is in such way:


Now I want to say is that zh-cn is the best,even if you ask me the reason i
cannot give you a nice answer.

These days I'm just doing translation work in Fedora Project and they use
zh-cn code,of course many other projects are in this way,too.The only
exception is wikipedia, so I'd like to change all link into:


I don't know if my request is possible or not,and I will continue my
contribution if my request is declined.

Thanks a lot.


*Yours sincerely,*
*Christopher Meng*

Ambassador/Contributor of Fedora Project and many others.
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