[CentOS-docs] Adding to CreateLocalRepos wiki page

Fri Dec 21 18:43:24 UTC 2012
John <lmindlists at gmail.com>

Andres, while you're waiting, would you please send that information to me?  I'm actually doing that very process in our lab and would be curious to know what you did. 

My email is lmindlists at gmail.com and I'm John. 

Andres Mejia <amejia004 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi. I want to make a small update to the CreateLocalRepos how-to page.
>account username is AndresMejia.
>The update are just small notes on creating a local repo of just the
>packages which are already installed on a system. This is useful when
>maintain systems which are in their own isolated network.
>~ Andres
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