[CentOS-docs] Hoping to contribute (continued)

Sun Feb 19 18:28:32 UTC 2012
Jari Jaakkola <jarijaakkola at fastmail.net>

Yes, Ralph. I also found out that I had been vague.
What I have in mind is a 'Newcomer's Checklist' for 
'New Users' or 'Newbie Installers' of one/both of the 
current/supported distributions 5.x and 6.x.

And it should -in my thinking- begin just by making sure
the 'Newcomer' is able to detect which distros are current,
and the type they need.
So I feel there had to be first something about the general
numbering and naming system of distributions (while hoping
to retaining the feel of being on a CentOS -specific-list)

>From there I would feel it could continue to explain the 
'logical' order of finding information first by 'self-service'
finding the Manuals, Release Notes, Wiki, already answered Fora
Google etc. (plus where they are!), then learning how to ask in order 
to get the needed answers.

Thanks for the interest,
it makes me glad.

  Jari Jaakkola
  jarijaakkola at fastmail.net