[CentOS-docs] Correction to HowTos/InstallFromUSBkey

Yves Bellefeuille

yan at storm.ca
Wed May 2 02:07:55 UTC 2012

On Sunday 29 April 2012, Alan Bartlett <ajb at elrepo.org> wrote:

> Thank you, Yves. I've taken care of both of those points. Would you
> like to check that it now reads correctly, please?

There are a few more points that should be added. They should all appear 
after the end of the current list.

During the installation process, the user is asked "What type of media 
contains the installation image?" The user should select the first 
partition on the USB key, which usually appears in the menu under "Hard 
drive", then "/dev/sdb1".

After partitioning, the user is asked whether to install the Grub boot 
loader and where to install it. After booting from the USB key, the BIOS 
thinks that the USB key is the first drive. To install the Grub boot 
loader on the hard drive, which is the usual case, the user must change 
the order of the hard drives using the Grub installation options.

After the Grub installation options, the following error message 
appears: "Missing ISO 9660 image: The installer has tried to mount image 
#1, but cannot find it on the hard drive". The installation program is 
looking for the ISO file on the first partition of the USB key, but it's 
on the second partition. The user should go to a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2), 
unmount the first partition of the USB key ("umount /mnt/isodir"), mount 
the second partition ("mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb2 /mnt/isodir"), return to 
the installation program (Ctrl-Alt-F6) and choose "Retry". 

(Unmounting /dev/sdb1 doesn't interfere with the installation process. I 
tried creating a link from /dev/sdb1 to the ISO image, but that didn't 
work, because /dev/sdb1 contains a VFAT or FAT32 flle system which 
doesn't support links.)

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