[CentOS-docs] Updating the "RAID1 HowTo" to CentOS 6

Gianni Giardina

gigiardin at tin.it
Wed May 2 15:47:41 UTC 2012


The following HowTo on the CentOS Wiki:


valid for CentOS 5, has not been updated to CentOS 6, yet. I found it 
very useful during the glorious CentOS 5 days and now that I've 
successfully ported my RAID1 experience to CentOS 6, I'd like to share 
it with the Community.

The title of the HowTo is currently:

"How to install CentOS 5 on a software partitionable RAID1".

After my update it will be"

"How to install CentOS 5 & 6 on a software partitionable RAID1".

Could someone, please, give me the rights to edit that Wiki page?

My user name is: GianniGiardina

Thanks in advance. Regards


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