[CentOS-docs] Translation of centos-art.sh script

Sun Sep 9 09:31:33 UTC 2012
Christoph Galuschka <christoph.galuschka at chello.at>

> On 09/08/2012 04:19 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:
>> I did not type anything. :)  I simply ran the script with a '/bin/bash
>> -v' (verbose) so that I can see what's happening. The above lines are
>> a straight copy from the output.
> Ok. Let's break things off.
> Try the following commands, independently, one at a time, and report
> what happened in each execution, please:
> 1. ${HOME}/artwork/trunk/Scripts/Bash/centos-art.sh prepare
> --set-environment

I basically get the same result as Akemi. Running centos-art.sh with -v 
Lots of lines like
grep '^function ' ${FILE} | cut -d' ' -f2)

You can find part of the console ouput from this run here 

Just to add: I'm running this on 6.3. Would you prefer a run/test on 5.8?