[CentOS-docs] BenHosmer's node.js proposal; was: Wiki Contribution Request

Wed Feb 27 11:13:53 UTC 2013
Ben Hosmer <ben.hosmer at gmail.com>

I just subscribed to the list yesterday, but haven't received any digest
notifications yet. I am replying here because I saw the updates on the web

My idea is a more gentler overview of building RPMs that just happened to
use nodejs as an example.

I found a lot of the RPM building documentation to be a little hard to
digest and scattered around a bit.

I did use the fedora guide and found it helpful as well. Thanks for the
suggestion Christopher Meng.

I've uploaded my work-in-progress here:

I'll convert it to wiki and add it to my scratch area when I am finished
with it.

Does that help?
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