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Thu Apr 3 12:20:31 UTC 2014
pcombs at megocollector.com <pcombs at megocollector.com>

username: paulcombs

subject: http://wiki.centos.org/AdrianHall/CentralizedLDAPAuth

I find that the CentOS Wiki's to be useful, however, sometimes 
incomplete.  I would like to contribute where I can to complete Wiki 
articles so that the end result is the expected result.

I have been in contact with Adrian Hall author of this article 
ttp://wiki.centos.org/AdrianHall/CentralizedLDAPAuth and would like edit 
rights to make a few initial corrections, and maybe more to it a little 
later after a few test installations.

Thank you,

Below is the email trail ...


Thanks Paul,

I am no longer in this community and this paper is a couple of years 
old.  Feel free to petition to get edit rights and update it.

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     On Apr 2, 2014, at 7:54 AM, pcombs at megocollector.com wrote: I was 
walking through your writeup the other day in the attempt to get a 
working LDAP server. 
http://wiki.centos.org/AdrianHall/CentralizedLDAPAuth A good writeup, 
however, I found a few errors in it, that I should point out to you. I 
have a list, where the (-) is the line that should be changed to the 
(+). They became easy to spot, when I did some cutting and pasting. My 
aim in pointing these out is so that it may be easier for the next 
person to walk through these otherwise good instructions. -yum -y 
install openldap openldapservers openldap-clients perl +yum -y install 
openldap openldap-servers openldap-clients perl -ldapseaarch -x -H 
ldap:/// -b BASE-DN "(objectclass=nisMap)" +ldapsearch -x -H ldap:/// -b 
BASE-DN "(objectclass=nisMap)" -ldapadd -a -f /root/ahall.ldif -H 
ldap:/// -C "cn=Manager,BASE-DN" -W +ldapadd -a -f /root/ahall.ldif -H 
ldap:/// -D "cn=Manager,BASE-DN" -W -yum -y install openldap 
openlda-clients nss-pam-ldapd pam_ldap nscd autofs rpcbind nfs-utils 
+yum -y install openldap openldap-clients nss-pam-ldapd pam_ldap nscd 
autofs rpcbind nfs-utils Have a great day. Thank you, Paul