[CentOS-docs] IRC Instructions for Beginners

Sun Aug 3 10:53:42 UTC 2014
Christoph Galuschka <tigalch at tigalch.org>

Am 29.07.2014 um 13:30 schrieb Derek Cameron:
> IRC Instructions for Beginners
> If you have not used IRC before, this guide will help you get started.
> You will need an IRC client. If you are already using Firefox, an easy
> possibility is to install the ChatZilla add-on. To do this in Firefox,
> go to the Tools menu, then select Add-ons. Search for ChatZilla, then
> click the Install button. Once ChatZilla is installed, you can open it
> from Firefox by going to the Tools menu, then clicking ChatZilla. A
> new window opens for ChatZilla.
> Once you have your IRC client is open, go to irc://freenode/
> (ChatZilla provides a link to freenode for you to click on).
> To change your nickname, type /nick yournickname in the input box and
> press Enter.
> To register your nickname, type /msg NickServ yourpassword
> youremailaddress and press Enter. NickServ will send an email back to
> the given email address, containing a message in the format /msg
> NickServ VERIFY REGISTER yournickname yourtoken. Copy and paste this
> message into the IRC client input box, and press Enter. Your nickname
> is now registered, and no one else can use it.
> Once you have your nickname registered, type /join #centos to join the
> #centos chat.
> If you quit your IRC client and later want to reconnect with
> irc://freenode/, you will need to type /msg NickServ identify
> yourpassword before you can rejoin #centos.
I've added it - thanks!

Christoph Galuschka
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