[CentOS-docs] Request permission for editting Simplified Chinese Frontpage

Tue Dec 9 17:27:27 UTC 2014
Alan Bartlett <ajb at elrepo.org>

On 9 December 2014 at 13:50, Ho Lee <huanying2000a at gmail.com> wrote:
>     My wiki username is HoLee .
>     Now, the simplified chinese frontpage is maintained by TimothyLee.
>     Because of his efforts ,the Traditional Chinese Frontpages and
> Simplified Chinese Frontpages are created and maintained very well.
>     I know that TimothyLee is from Taiwan,so the Simplified Chinese
> Frontpage is translated from Traditional Chinese Frontpage directly.So,there
> are some sentences is not smooth.And I want to help TimothyLee edit it and
> make it better.
>     Could I gain access to these Simplified Chinese Frontpage?
>     Thanks!
>     HoLee

Sorry for my delay in responding. I am only just working through my in-box . . .

At the moment I have created a wiki home page for you. Perhaps you
would like to make use of it to experiment with all the wiki editing

I like the idea of having more than one person looking after a
particular language translation and your offer to assist with the
simplified Chinese pages is appreciated. Before giving you access to
those pages, I think we need to see how Timothy would like to arrange

Timothy -- Would you let us know what you think will be the best way
to proceed, please?