[CentOS-docs] C6 to 7 upgrade tool testing & documentation


bertnz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 05:24:23 UTC 2014


Referring to
Section 3: Document the process of using the current RPMs from the Testing
Repo to actually perform CentOS-6.5 to CentOS-7 upgrades

What's being requested here exactly?

I'd be happy to submit a HOWTO for creating a Yum Repo, installing the
tools (CLI-only), running the tool, and checking the reports the tool spits
out.  I would also propose to include in the HOWTO some stuff on checking
RPMdb for packages from third-party Repo's (EPEL, RPMForge, etc) and
services to chkconfig off while performing the upgrade.

Please advise whether this is worthwhile, and where to submit it.

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