[CentOS-docs] w.r.t. satan

Mon Jul 28 17:39:56 UTC 2014
666threesixes666 <666threesixes666 at gmail.com>

posting messages at 3am on a bright white page can give me auras, 
migraines, & seizures.  A pc screen is much brighter than a piece of paper.

"http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/Main_Page looks pretty dead to me. has 
nothing to do with centos."  Yes it does, I am saying I can't evade 
cents bureaucracy.

"you can most definitely be anonymous and use CentOS.  That is perfectly 
fine." "merit is earned."

I would prefer my centos merit be tied to my gentoo merit.


My funtoo stuff's not nearly as developed as the gentoo.


This nick is semi anonymous, facebook has a trail leading back to me in 
this photo.


My mom was a naval nurse johnny.  She was at bethesda when the whole JFK 
thing happened.  Still has the paper page 1 somewhere around here.


I promise to not be a POS on cents wiki as three sixes.  scouts honor 
-three sixes
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