[CentOS-docs] Centos Release Update from 6.2 to 6.5

Thu Jul 31 14:15:04 UTC 2014
Thomas Göttgens <tgoettgens at gmail.com>

Since 6.2 and 6.5 are only subreleases of Centos 6, you will have an updated Centos 6 on the subrelease level 6.5. Don’t think of those as actual releases; those are more ‚respins‘ oft he installation media then anything else. Once a point release is made, there will be no more updates if you want to stay on an older point release. So staying with 6.2 will render you vulnerable to security holes in the code.


So in a nutshell Centos 6.2 becomes 6.3 once this is released, and 6.2 does no longer receive updates, cause the most recent release of the 6 series is 6.3. By the way, centos is guaranteed to stay binary/ABI compatible through the entire run of a major release, so there’s really no point in even trying to stay at a certain subrelease.


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> Suppose I install CentOS 6.2 now, Suppose in 8 months CentOS 6.5 is
> released.
> Now I issue a yum update, so my system will be updated to CentOS 6.5, or I
> will have an updated 6.2 ? 
You are requested to explain the update policy of centos in detail . 




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