[CentOS-docs] Documentation SIG

Thu Mar 13 12:12:52 UTC 2014
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 03/12/2014 09:39 AM, Tim Krupinski wrote:
> Hey all -
> Just curious to find out if there's any activity with the documentation
> SIG?  I'd like to join.  One thing i've noticed is that it seems like
> documentation for CentOS ends at 5.  While the documentation is more or
> less mirrored from RedHat's site, this can be confusing to beginners since
> they may get the impression that documentation isn't there.

Most of the activity has been around things other than docs, but you do
bring up a good point. We *need* to address this.

With the 6.x documentation, there was a licensing change that
complicates things for us. Changes to the documentation mean that you
can't redistribute. Oracle appears to work around this by shipping the
official pdf documentation.

The web pages for the docs are also done slightly differently, and
mirroring them would require editing the html. We're not certain if this
constitutes a 'change' or not and have been focusing on other things
(SIG, dojo efforts).

> That being said, i would love to help out with bringing the wiki up to date
> in this regard.

This would be fantastic, and I would very much welcome your efforts.

Jim Perrin
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