[CentOS-docs] Wiki-edit-request

Fri Nov 28 17:38:00 UTC 2014
Alan Bartlett <ajb at elrepo.org>

On 28 November 2014 at 09:36, Ho Lee <huanying2000a at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> After read your reply , I think that I should do something. So I want to
> help Timothy to translate some pages to chinese language.But I don't know
> how to start, whether should I send a email to Timothy or request access
> permission . Could someone give me some tips?
> Thanks!

I think the best way to proceed would be for you to make contact with
Timothy and discuss what you feel you would be able to do. Once there
is an understanding/agreement in place, any one of the Admin team
could then provide you with access to one or two of the Chinese

Timothy -- I know you will see this. May I leave it with you to
discuss things with Ho Lee, please?