[CentOS-docs] CentOS 7 text mode install

Toshikazu Aiyama

tyaiyama at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 23:57:27 UTC 2014

I have been successful to install CentOS 7 using x86_64-NetInstall in default graphical mode.  Thank you all to the installation team.

Now I am trying to install in text-mode by following advice at:
If I insert "cmdline", anaconda teminate with error: "Could not open X display"

Thus I try inserting "text" instead of "cmdline".  Everything else works fine except for "4. Install Destination".

I have 2 disks: one regular SATA disk, another m.2 Samsung XP941.

I chose 2nd disk: m.2, then it show only autopartitioning options
   1. Replace Existing Linux system(s)
   2. Use all space
   3. Use free space
I do not want autopartitioning at all.  I have created EFI GPT based partition table already.  And I have specific layout plan for CentOS 7 because I have other systems (debians).  I know, if I do not choose text mode install, I can choose "custom layout", and format them appropriately (root: ext4)  Even though Debian has its own flaws in install, I can somehow manage to get it installed booting from elilo, or grub2 at my choice.  I would like to do the same with CentOS 7.

A lot of people use CentOS for server type install w/o graphic mode.  Thus it is important we can succeed in text mode install.

Toshikazu Aiyama

P.S. I am on the mailing list, and I have password, and uid of CentOS,but somehow I cannot login.  Thus if you need additional info, let me know how can access the mailing list.

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