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Sun Oct 26 17:45:16 UTC 2014

My CentOS wiki username is NeoPhyte_Rep.

I'm always glad when a project maintains a wiki, even if there is a process
to obtain editing rights.

There is nothing more frustrating as I try to understand the structure and
subject of a project than to run across typographical errors and grammar
hiccups. I know this means I will need access to the entire wiki so I may
make "corrections", but I think you can examine my work on the Teaching
Open Source wiki < http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:NeoPhyte_Rep
> and find I don't make frivolous edits.

I intend to install CentOS i386 on an old Dell Inspiron laptop, but I
prefer vicarious experience to direct fat finger checks. So, I use the
existing documentation to understand what I don't have to repeat, but I
need to correct typos and grammar or I'm so distracted I don't learn much.

May I at least have access to my personal homepage page?

Thank you,
Neophyte Representative
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