[CentOS-docs] CentOS 7 "compose" process

R P Herrold

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On Thu, 30 Oct 2014, Steven Falco wrote:

> I asked on the -devel list, and the suggestion was to use this
> list instead.

Well, not exactly.  You were told:

>> You're certainly welcome to create documentation. If you 
>> request access on the -docs list with your proposal, the 
>> people who oversee wiki access will work with you.

That is, you were invited to write documentation

Everyone wants to make this harder than it is [and not read 
the syslinux (isolinux) documentation (... long ago I built 
some custom install ISOs for a course I ran), and will not 
experiment]  And no-one writes ...


The initrd has what you are interested in changing (perhaps) 
to drop in a ks.cfg ... the rest -- can all be copied out of a 
loop-mounted existing centos CD and dumped in the relevant 
directory (./isolinux/), as part of the phase for the mkisofs 

cd to a directory with an ISO in it
mkdir loop
sudo mount -o loop CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-Minimal.iso loop/
cd loop/
[herrold at centos-6 loop]$ ls -l isolinux/ | \
	awk {'print $5"\t"$9'}

2048    boot.cat
84      boot.msg
281     grub.conf
34935964        initrd.img
24576   isolinux.bin
3032    isolinux.cfg
176500  memtest
186     splash.png
2438    TRANS.TBL
33127644        upgrade.img
155792  vesamenu.c32
4902656 vmlinuz

There is a bit more if EFI support is wanted, but again, read 
and experiment

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