[CentOS-docs] Wiki write access request

Patrick Slattery

patrickmslattery at mac.com
Mon Sep 1 20:46:42 UTC 2014

I'd like write access to the wiki - initially to just the following pages:
  Add how-to build the Docker base images yourself. (There are cases -such as an isolated private cloud- where this may be necessary)
  Refresh for CentOS 7 / SVN 1.8 / Add AD integration how-to

I would also like to have the rights to create/edit a personal public home page on the wiki as described on the Contribute page for use for notes/drafts etc.

My area of interest are:
OS install automation
Docker / Atomic
OpenStack (Just starting with this)
Windows/AD/OS X integration
SCM management

However I'd like to contribute in other areas too, I like to write unambiguous and accurate docs and I'm willing to test out contributions by others to help the overall project.

My wiki ID is: patrickmslatteryvt

Thanks, Patrick M. Slattery

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