[CentOS-docs] Scheduling migration for wiki.centos.org

Fabian Arrotin

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Fri Sep 19 14:24:57 UTC 2014

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On 10/09/14 15:37, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> Hi,
> As I received positive feedback from testers (thank you all !) on
> the wikitesting.centos.org moin instance, I think we can say that
> we'll migrate the real wiki.centos.org very soon ...
> I'm actually moving some services around (pdns/msync roles) to free
> a machine that will be able to host the moin/wiki role.
> Depending on the available time, I'll probably switch dns A record 
> next week. Our current TTL is 60 seconds, so very short, and that
> will ease the migration.
> I'll though send a mail to the centos-announce list too, so that 
> people using a strange DNS resolver overriding our TTL (we had
> that issue for the lists.centos.org move) will be aware of the
> migration.
> And, as quoted from a saying, "if you have something to say, say
> it now or never !" :-)
> Cheers,

Just to give a small update : as you've noticed, nothing happened (yet).
While we thought we had a machine available for the migration, that
specific node disappeared and no news from the company who donated
that machine in the past .. (and I prefer that to happen now, than
after the migration)
So we'll investigate which machine we can use to host the wiki
workload, but it's likely to happen *after* 5.11 (which is now the
primary focus)


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