[CentOS-docs] GSoC - Syncing docs between GitHub and CentOS's git repo

Wed Apr 8 17:55:17 UTC 2015
杨垒 <yltt1234512 at gmail.com>


I think we may combine these method of discussion. As the project is aimed at short-term contributors and attracting new contributors, we should make the process as easy as possible.

I agree with Kunal. Among these three options, I recommend modifying and using an existing open source project best, too. Because for mailing list, it is not so convenient for a short-term contributor to watching and responding to a mailing list. And we don't want to rely on GitHub 100% (although its service is really awesome ;) ).

And I recommend that updates about the contribution be sent to the contributor. It is engaging seeing your article being discussed, merged and displayed to the world. Also, if there is something to discuss, the contributor can respond quickly.

I think we can also build a place for CentOS staff to check, tag and merge the contributions. In fact we can combine these two tool and make a single platform for doc-related stuff. This sounds like a big project, so maybe not suitable for one person * one summer. Maybe we can cooperate! :)