[CentOS-docs] How GSoC project can fit in to CentOS Docs

Mon Aug 3 16:23:57 UTC 2015
kunaal jain <kunaalus at gmail.com>

Would start with the note that the basic project is complete. I would be
releasing the prototype on a separate thread. But for the discussion sake
the workflow will look like this :
Authors contribute content in markdown format, on github.
The pull request created gets mirrored to pagure thus saving dependency on
Also the PR content is built using CI to preview how it looks.
The PR is two way synced between the platforms, so that individual can use
pagure or github.
Once staff approves the post, website is built and deployed.

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 8:55 PM, Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com> wrote:

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> There have been some questions about how the GSoC project interacts
> with the existing documentation work that happens around the wiki.
> Let's get all the open questions in to this thread and discuss them.
> Lei, Kunaal -- What other open questions do we have?

>From my experience till now, CentOS community is little doubtful about the
project. We continued project still, now that we have done the basics,
would be great if CentOS tests it, and gives us suggestions.

> Anyone else with open questions?
> The GSoC project is supposed to be additive to what we do -- an
> additional way to get new contributions submitted, reviewed, and ready
> for publishing.
> Exactly. Proving an alternate and user friendly medium.

> Where things are published is still an open question for this group
> (centos-docs) to decide.

Agreed. Maybe a new site containing user curated how to do contents. CentOS
doesnt have to officially endorse the content in this way.

> The toolchain basically takes submissions in common markup formats
> made via GitHub. It puts them in a queue for an editorial team to
> review. When ready, the tool can publish or make content ready for
> publishing.

In simple words yes :)

> The content could be new articles, or repurposed content from e.g.
> blogs (with appropriate open licensing.) There is a lot of content out
> there about how to do things with CentOS, but most of the original
> authors aren't going to go through the process of requesting a wiki
> account and publishing here.
> That was the initial motivation you gave to us.

> For where to publish from the toolchain, if we want to keep all docs
> in the wiki, we should plan to have the tool output to MoinMoin wiki
> syntax so that one of the existing editors can copy/paste in to an
> existing or new wiki article. This wiki publishing would work for
> shorter form content.

Not sure about this. It adds a human effort in the toolchain.

> So the new tool could be a way for people to submit edits to existing
> wiki articles without having to get a wiki account.

> Some open questions:
> * Who can/wants to be on the editorial board?
> * Where do we want to publish longer documents?
> For example, if we had the sources for one of the RHEL documents in
> Git, it would be straightforward to modify that document for CentOS,
> and even add to it, via this new toolchain.


> Would we want to put that in to a series of wiki articles? Or publish
> it directly to centos.org/docs in HTML and PDF format?
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