[CentOS-docs] Markup for commands

Tue Aug 18 19:19:35 UTC 2015
Roland Illig <roland.illig at gmx.de>


I just edited http://wiki.centos.org/de/TipsAndTricks/BecomingRoot and
formatted all the commands in section 1.1 as `monospace`. Since the main
font and the monospace font look quite similar, it is sometimes
difficult to see where one ends and the other starts.

Therefore I propose to add the following CSS rule to the whole CentOS wiki:

#page tt.backtick {
  background-color: #eee;
  padding: 0 0.3em;

Using this styling, the commands stick out of the normal text, so that
lazy readers can quickly scan through them. Additionally, the padding to
the left and right helps when copying such a command to the clipboard.

By the way, this styling is also used on StackOverflow, so it is quite
popular already. It’s nothing that I just invented myself.

Any comments?