[CentOS-docs] How GSoC project can fit in to CentOS Docs

Sat Aug 8 16:07:37 UTC 2015
kunaal jain <kunaalus at gmail.com>

Fabian did you had chance to look at the working toolchain? We have
discussion going on here

On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 1:22 AM, Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org> wrote:

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> On 03/08/15 18:23, kunaal jain wrote:
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> > Would start with the note that the basic project is complete. I
> > would be releasing the prototype on a separate thread. But for the
> > discussion sake the workflow will look like this : Authors
> > contribute content in markdown format, on github. The pull request
> > created gets mirrored to pagure thus saving dependency on github.
> > Also the PR content is built using CI to preview how it looks. The
> > PR is two way synced between the platforms, so that individual can
> > use pagure or github. Once staff approves the post, website is
> > built and deployed.
> >
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> So, trying to understand the goal : can you define what you mean by
> "website is built and deployed" ? Do you mean you produce MoinMoin
> compatible syntax and sorted by categories/hierarchy, to then be
> automatically synced to wiki.centos.org ?
> Or do you mean another (and so parallel) website ?

Building and displaying is the last part of the project. Until yesterday,
there was no mention of MoinMoin syntax, so right now we are building and
deploying directly to a website. But this can be controlled. This is the
very reason we wanted active community support from starting, but that
didn't happen.

> Wrt pagure, I admit I looked at it and found it cool, plus I know
> Pierre-Yves (hey !). But wondering if adding
> yet-another-git-server-plus-layer is the way to go in our infra, while
> all centos git repositories are hosted on a "gitblit powered" server
> (on git.centos.org)

There was a length discussion regarding this on the list before. This is a
sort of conflicting interests thing. We want a new toolchain, but we don't
want to increase the overhead. We can move to Github only, but the initial
concern of Karsten was removing dependency on Github, providing an
alternate medium. Pagure is the lightest alternative to Github we can find.
It is light, and we will be hosting just docs repositories on it.

In future, if we SIG want their own docs repository , like Docker does, we
can move all the repositories of docs to this toolchain, since it provides
an alternative and better medium to contribute. Given this, the slight
overhead in infra of Pagure shouldn't be much problem, I guess.

> Is that possible to  have an overview of the infra and goals (aka the
> architecture) of this GSoC doc project ? that would help
> understanding, as I agree that I'm currently lost, and I'm probably
> not the only one, also the reason for that thread :-)

Discussed on the mail about the project.

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