[CentOS-docs] Request for ACL on new wiki page for Gluster CI

Wed Dec 16 09:44:41 UTC 2015
Niels de Vos <ndevos at redhat.com>


we're gathering a group of people that want to contribute to tests in
the CentOS CI for Gluster in the Storage SIG. I was able to create a
wiki page and I would like to give edit permissions to the people that
signed up for helping with the tests.

It does not seem possible for me to add an #acl to the page. Could
someone help me out with that? The users that need edit permissions are
listed in the "Team Members" table. Not all of them seem to have created
a correct WikiUsername, should I request them to change it?

If possible, I would like to get permissions to update the ACL on that
page too. I hope we get more members joining over time, and have them
update the page that explains the tests we're doing would help. If
getting me the permission is not an option, we'll send emails to this
list to get the ACL updated.

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