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Sun Jan 4 23:44:17 UTC 2015
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

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On 01/02/2015 01:27 PM, PatrickD Garvey wrote:
> On http://www.centos.org/, the Help in the navbar is described by
> the anchor
> <a
> href="http://wiki.centos.org/Documentation?action=show&redirect=GettingHelp
> Why does it contain ?action=show&redirect=GettingHelp ? It
> seems to me Documentation would be sufficient.

That is a bit weird, I'd presumed it was a link to GettingHelp and
then got redirected, rather than containing the redirect. I suspect we
missed that when the website content was created, likely just copying
and pasting in the URL without thinking further.

It's actually curious to me that it's /not/ GettingHelp, as that is a
category that includes Documentation (but not the reverse), and seems
to describe the page content better. Anyone here know the reason for
the rename/redirect?

It's an easy fix, I've attached a patch for Jim or someone to approve
and push.

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