[CentOS-docs] Pull Request wiki.c.o/AdditionalResources/Repositories

Thu Jan 15 00:34:36 UTC 2015
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 14/01/15 23:51, Trevor Hemsley wrote:

> Now as far as the term "Community Approved" goes: I think it's fairly
> accurate and I'm not sure what the objection to it was. We have to have
> a way to say "These repos are ok" and "these suck" and "these suck worse
> than that". The way the page reads at the moment seems to me to strike a
> good balance between providing useful information and avoiding libel!

Being able to quantify what good-behaviour might be ( eg. multilib lines
up etc ) not only allows us to measure how good / bad a repo is, it also
gives the other repos a yardstick to work through in order to become good.

I realise that a good repo will do things that are hard to measure  eg.
delta between upstream release of a patch and when it shows up in repo;
but a large bulk of things we should be able to automate I feel.

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