[CentOS-docs] Pull Request wiki.c.o/AdditionalResources/Repositories

Thu Jan 15 03:16:13 UTC 2015
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 01/15/2015 03:44 AM, Mark Hahn wrote:
>> CentOS repos. There are others that do. Some of the repos that overwrite
>> core packages do so with little packages like sqlite (yum uses sqlite so
>> changing the version of it is not a Good Thing for system stabilty).
>> Other repos in that list have been effectively unmaintained for a number
>> of years so they contain packages that may have severe unfixed security
>> vulnerabilities.
> I suggest that we shouldn't use euphemisms when it's far more valuable
> to come out and say it.  I would certainly appreciate if the centos docs
> explicitly tagged the other repos with these comments.  Factual 
> commentary
> about risks does not come anywhere close to libel...
> regards, mark hahn.
A very old British story goes like that:

A British business man was dictating to his secretary a letter for an 
incorrect business partner.
"Dear Sir
Because I am a gentleman and my secretary is a lady, I cannot express in 
words what I think about you. However since you are neither one, I am 
sure you will understand what I wanted to say.

Your sincerely,