[CentOS-docs] How to install libquicktime on CentOS 7 in one (or two) line of command?

Sat Jan 17 18:11:58 UTC 2015
Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>


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> Yeah, there are a lot of possibilities to my problem. But it is harder
> to verify a hypothesis than coming up with one. So, do you have any
> specific commands for the verification purpose?

I'm not sure what you mean by "specific commands for verification process".

Step 1, delete the troubled package and erase it from your memory.

Step 2, follow the instructions about adding a repository that has the multimedia stuff in it.

> PS: it's interesting to see that the installation thing on linux is in
> such a mess when recalling just a few years ago linux fans laughing at
> Microsoft Windows for its inconvenience of installing something, such as
> nowhere to found installer, contains virus, uneasy to manitain new
> version, including dependencies, etc, which are now a lot more serious
> on linux. What a irony.

No, it just shows how unreasonable you are being regarding this particular topic. Basically you are sticking a fork in your eye and wondering why it feels like a fork has been stuck in your eye... and then blaming yum for not stopping you from sticking a fork in your eye.

Again, if you have a poorly made, ancient package you could spin your wheels forever and never get it installed and working... so if you continue to ignore the suggestions of people actually trying to help you reach your goal... and continue on a tangential experiment... that fork is going to stay in your eye.

More ironical is the fact that you think it is ironical. :)  It is easy to screw up Linux as root if you do stupid stuff.  Anyone with root access can kill any Linux distro by doing harmful things on purpose.

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