[CentOS-docs] How to install libquicktime on CentOS 7 in one (or two) line of command?

Sat Jan 17 18:28:13 UTC 2015
Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 01:16:40PM -0500, Heng Zhou wrote:
> OK, ok, let's put an end to this thread. We are all dilettantes and
> further discussion would be just a waster of time, as is everywhere
> in online forums. Fortunately I don't have critical tasks to run on
> linux. Thank everyone for your involvement. Hope I can find the link
> to quit here.

Well, you may have already left, but for posterity...

The whole Windows Linux thing, I have no idea. CentOS is not the best
choice for an out of the box desktop experience--many of us have quite
successfully used it as a desktop, but it's not always out of the box

That being said, my guess is that problem you had after installing the nux
repo is that there were already conflicting problems. The way that you
could have dealt with that would have been to figure out the conflicts,
remove them, and then use the nux repo.

As you've decided this isn't worth your time (which is fine too), I won't
go into the details, but you could use yum provides to see what put in the
conflict, remove that, then try again with the nux repo.

I would say, if the main issue is to get a multimedia desktop, something
like LinuxMint might be more of a turnkey working solution for you.
CentOS, in theory anyway, is designed to be more of a server, or a
workstation for some situations.

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