[CentOS-docs] How to install libquicktime on CentOS 7 in one (or two) line of command?

Sun Jan 18 00:34:56 UTC 2015
Bert <bertnz at gmail.com>

Hi.  My 2c.

FWIW I wouldn't have expected someone to mail the centos-doc mailing list
about how to install some packages. Maybe Heng spent some time on Google,
maybe he didn't.

While the responses he received were for all intents and purposes both
helpful and technically correct, I would call the overall outcome rather
unsatisfactory. I.E. a potential user has been put off CentOS because he
couldn't figure out Yum and/or a good repo to install his package +
prerequisites/dependencies from, and the responses he received for help
more/less jumped to solution mode rather than suggestions of a more
appropriate source for support.

I am not criticising the helpful responses Heng received, nor am I
criticising Heng.

I'm just sorta asking a new question as to me this says something *else* is
lacking. User intelligence could well be a factor, even the best of us also
have our senior moments, but I wonder how he/she came to the conclusion
that a mailing list was a better source for info/help rather than Google or
Forums where I would expect (assume?) the bulk of first time punters to
head to, or even (somewhere else) i.e. the liquicktime user community.

Or is something like this too much to expect from people who blame the
kernel is broken when they try and install something in a dumb way?  It's
just that to me it's unfortunate someone has been put off CentOS.

On 18/01/2015 7:59 AM, "Christoph Galuschka" <tigalch at tigalch.org> wrote:

> Am 17.01.2015 um 19:16 schrieb Heng Zhou:
>> OK, ok, let's put an end to this thread. We are all dilettantes and
>> further discussion would be just a waster of time, as is everywhere in
>> online forums. Fortunately I don't have critical tasks to run on linux.
>> Thank everyone for your involvement. Hope I can find the link to quit
>> here.
>>  Sad you think it is a waste of time. You might have also tried the main
> mailing list, or the main IRC channel, and not the mailing list about
> documentation (i might have missed the reference where CentOS documentation
> was mentioned).
> Anyway as you asked: http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-docs
> has an option to unsubscribe.
> cheers
> Christoph
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