[CentOS-docs] Finished a prototype of GSoC project: Implement a new doc toolchain

Sat Jun 20 09:21:25 UTC 2015
Lei Yang <yltt1234512 at gmail.com>


Kunaal and I have completed a prototype of the first part of our GSoC project (implement a new doc toolchain). Our goal is to implement a doc toolchain for short how-to docs and lower the barrier for new comers to contribute.

This is the workflow of the prototype:
1. Contributor creates a new pull request on GitHub
2. A corresponding issue is automatically created on Pagure
3. Staff and contributor discuss on Pagure
4. When the pull request can be accepted, it is marked as “fixed”, and the pull request on github is automatically merged
5. New change is synced to Pagure (doc website will update according to Pagure repo, to be implemented later)

We have made a prototype performing the steps above, and is now running ;) Next we plan to integrate a CI so the doc can be built in real time and ready for staff to review. Could you please give us some suggestions about the workflow above and about the toolchain? The original GSoC idea can be found here: http://wiki.centos.org/GSoC/2015/Ideas#docs-toolchain <http://wiki.centos.org/GSoC/2015/Ideas#docs-toolchain> 

We use Pagure as a part of the toolchain. Pagure is an excellent git-centered forge created by Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at pingoured.fr <mailto:pingou at pingoured.fr>>. Currently Pagure is in its early stage and the APIs and web hooks are changing and improving. We are working closely with Pierre to better integrate Pagure into the toolchain. In the future we plan to sync complete pull request so that discussion can happen either on github or Paugre, and contributor doesn’t need to leave github in the whole process, which lowers the barrier of contributing a lot.

To test it, you may create a PR on github. A corresponding issue will be created automatically on Pagure, so you may go to Pagure.io to check it. If you want to merge the PR, change the status of issue from Open to Fixed on Pagure (need admin access to the repo, if you want to test this part, please email me or Kunaal <kunaalus at gmail.com <mailto:kunaalus at gmail.com>> so we can add you as admin). Once the issue is marked as Fixed, the PR on github will be merged.

GitHub repo link: https://github.com/yangl1996/doc-test <https://github.com/yangl1996/doc-test>
Pagure repo link: https://pagure.io/docs-test <https://pagure.io/docs-test>

The syncing tool is a prototype and is a basic part of the toolchain. Please tell us what you think about the workflow, the syncing tool and the idea. Thank you in advance :)

Also, we are not very sure whether running a Pagure instance will add much workload to sys admin team. What’s your idea?



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