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Tue Jun 9 06:55:18 UTC 2015
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 06/09/2015 01:27 AM, Karsten Wade wrote:
> [...]
> http://wiki.centos.org/KarstenWade/GeneralFAQUpdateq31q15
> Thanks - Karsten
>> I'd say that at least the following paragraphs from q15 are worth
>> preserving: - Any point release is just a "snapshot" with previous
>> updates, plus the latest batch of new upstream updates, rolled into
>> a new [base] repo with an initially empty [updates] repo. - There
>> is a CentOS Vault containing older CentOS trees. This vault is a
>> picture of the older tree when it was removed from the main tree,
>> and does not receive updates. It should only be used for
>> reference.
>> After " If you are using an older minor version than the latest in
>> a given branch, then you are missing security and bugfix updates."
>> I'd also emphasize that we offer no support for these
>> configurations, something along: For this reason old minor releases
>> are never supported. If you want/need to "freeze" at an old point
>> release you are entirely on your own.
>> wolfy, tired of people who fail to understand what minor releases
>> are and keep pushing in IRC for support of old[er] stuff
> I think those look pretty good especially if you think they can answer
> confusion about community support for older minor versions. Included
> here with some highlighting:
> The size of this answer article is just a bit larger (looking) than
> each of the previous two answers, which is good -- too many words
> won't help. :)
> I trimmed a bit more stuff -- repetitive phrasing and unrelated terms
> - -- I think it's ready publish to the FAQ.
Call me picky but I'd rephrase
      The CentOS Project *ONLY* provides updates or other changes for 
the latest version of each major branch.
      The CentOS Project provides updates or other changes*ONLY* for the 
latest version of each major branch.

I am not a native English speaker so I might be wrong but I feel like 
the emphasis is better placed in the variant I suggested because it 
marks one of the major differences towards RH and the EUS/AUS mechanism 
that exists for RHEL. Heck, we might even add a reference to those a la 
"if you need active support for an older minor release please consider 
using .... "

And yes, this FAQ item becomes a bit longish...
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