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Fri May 29 19:33:52 UTC 2015
kunaal jain <kunaalus at gmail.com>


Over the last week, Lei and I have been researching about the review
platform where the content submitted can be reviewed, commented, tagged and
pushed. This will be an alternative to github pull requests interface,
which will thus reduce our dependency on Github in case Github changes its
API anytime in future.

Even firefox is considering using Github as an alternative medium to
receive contribution.

Lei made a great chart comparing the platforms.


So overall Bugzilla looks a great option. But there is one major flaw, we
need to view the article submitted at each point(code review) which
bugzilla lacks.

The solution to this is creating a plugin for markdown previewing.

The typical workflow might look like this:

1. Author writes content in markdown language.
2. Makes a pull request on github.
3. Corresponding to the pull request a issue is created on bugzilla.
4. CentOS staff can either review the article on github pull request, or on
5. Comments are two way synced.
6. At each point the article can be viewed on bugzilla, using an extension
we propose to make.
7. After many iterations of commenting, and improving, article is finally
8. Staff tags it, and pushes to git.centos.org.
9. Using git.centos.org, new website is generated and pushed.

There are many challenging tasks in this, especially the bugzilla issue
creation on pull request and two way comment sync. This has never been done
before, but we looked at the API and think we can make it work. Another
challenging task is markdown preview on bugzilla.

Please let us know, what you think about this?


Kunaal Jain
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