[CentOS-docs] Installation Guide for CentOS Linux 7

Thu Aug 17 23:39:10 UTC 2017
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

Some time ago I started working, with Jim Perrin, on manually
converting the single page HTML Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation
Guide to be rebranded and reworked for CentOS Linux 7.


I wanted to alert folks that this is being worked on, that we want to
get it completed ASAP to help support people migrating to CentOS Linux
7, and there are some areas I could use some help with.

One of my key concerns as a technical writer is that content needs to be
accurate and consistent. When there are inconsistencies or things are
labeled incorrectly -- such as the document saying CentOS Linux and the
screenshots saying Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- it greatly reduces the
trust of the reader. Especially considering we're dealing with
destructive installation methods, I don't want us to get things wrong. A
simple caveat may not be enough.

However ... redoing all the screenshots is a lot of work and I don't
know that we want to hold back releasing this document for that. On one
hand, anything we do is an improvement over the
less-accurate-for-CentOS-Linux RHEL install guide ... but this
blended/mixed set of inconsistencies might be worse for some users.

An ongoing updated to-do list is maintained here:


Overview of needs

* Document needs to be rebranded as CentOS (Linux & Project):
  - Links
  - Examples
  - Screenshots
* How-to information needs to be stripped where it is not relevant:
  - Red Hat Subscription Manager
  - RHN & Satellite
  - Etc.
* How-to information needs to be fixed or created for how things are
done for CentOS:
  - Download images
  - Create install media
  - Do various tasks
  - Atomic Host how-to
* Work arounds for sections removed that mess with chapter numbering


* Overall rebranding is completed, still working on some corner cases
(where search & replace is not as easy such as split lines and   lines)
* Internal links and section nesting seems OK but untested
* Some sections commented out until we decide if we want to
replace/rewrite them
* New content may be needed for e.g. Atomic Host and cloud images.

There are some other parts of the git repo that are placeholders such as
for AsciiDoc work that may happen within the CentOS Project.

Best regards,

- Karsten
Karsten Wade
Community Infrastructure Team : https://osci.io
Red Hat Open Source and Standards (OSAS) : @redhatopen
@quaid gpg: AD0E0C41

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