[CentOS-docs] Request removal of CyrusImapd how to

Mon Oct 16 04:18:45 UTC 2017
Nicola Nye <nicola at fastmailteam.com>


On behalf of team Cyrus, I'm trying to review and clean up old instances
of Cyrus documentation around the web. It's a long lived OSS project and
has left behind many old docs in its years on the earth. This is
resulting in strange queries coming to us as people try to follow
information that's years out of date.
To this end I'd like to request removal of
https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Postfix+CyrusImapd+SASL from the wiki.
(unless you can find someone to update it, but as it never made it out
of draft status, this seems unlikely). It's 9 years old and has pointers
to docs that no longer are alive.
If there is anyone who would like to keep CentOS-specific setup
information alive, we would LOVE to have pull requests or just shoot
through an email to me or our lists. We have
at the moment.


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