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Sun Sep 10 05:45:19 UTC 2017
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Awesome idea, thank you all!




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hi Bama

since there are other things going on in the container space around
centos, I was thinking maybe we can setup a /Container page, and then
have a /Container/Registry and a /Container/Pipeline page each. the
pipeline page can talk about the service, code and run setup. and the
registry page can talk about howto get content in there, what content is
already there and urls to the user setup and consumer stuff.

would that work for you ?


That sounds great to me. I am already working to unload redundant content from /ContainerPipeline to https://registry.centos.org UI. so Container/Registry would contain the introduction and know how to registry and Container/Pipeline would have content related to service.


for this we need to update few links though. IMO, we can go ahead with this. I will update all the relevant links by Monday. 





please excuse typos sent from mobile..

this would also unblock content coming up like /Container/Docker etc

and the /Container page can perhaps just be an index pointing to the
relevant info.


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