[CentOS-docs] Releasing the CentOS Linux 7 Installation Guide

Wed Feb 28 22:25:23 UTC 2018
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

Hi all:

As some of you may be aware, for the last year we've been making slow
progress toward creating a CentOS 7-specific installation guide from
the HTML-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation Guide.

We now have a document that I think is quite good and is ready for
release as the CentOS Linux 7 Installation Guide:


Do you think we are ready to release? (And please provide your reasoning
if you vote with a -1 .)

  Note:  At this point we may not have a document that perfectly deals with
  references to "Red Hat". Where we could not easily rewrite or provide
  an alternate graphic, we often simply removed sections. When we release the
  document, we should note how to report bugs for the document.

Some items to do for release:

* Update the Revision History in the document. I recommend we rollover to
  2.0-0 to signify that this fork is a major revision of the document. The
  other option is to branch out from the 1.3-7 version we forked from that was
  released 16 Nov 2016. Thoughts?

* Figure out how to handle bug reports on bugs.centos.org. I volunteer to be
  either a default owner or always-Cc:'d for this bug tracker component. Can we
  have multiple owners? Who else wants to be involved with bug tracking?

* Then include content in the new guide as to where to file bugs.

* Update centos.org/docs and provide the writing/maintaining team with the
  preferred process to request /docs updates for future releases. (I don't
  think the CentOS Docs SIG has maintained an HTML-based document on centos.org
  before, has it?)

* Maybe a quick "marketing plan", meaning something that helps us talk about
  and promote the existence of the document. I started one here:


* Updates to e.g. the wiki on getting help, channel topic on #centos, where

* What changes do we need to make to centos.org/docs?

Anything else to do for release?

Best regards,

- Karsten
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