[CentOS-docs] Introduction

Mon Jul 9 13:59:52 UTC 2018
Petr Bokoc <pbokoc at redhat.com>

Hello everyone,

My name is Petr and I recently became a dedicated technical writer for 
Red Hat's Community Platform Engineering team under Jim Perrin. Among 
other things that means I'm going to start contributing to CentOS 
documentation - possibly the Wiki as well, but my main focus at least 
for now is to produce an Installation Guide for CentOS 7 that will be as 
easy to contribute to as possible and publishable using a standardized 
toolchain. The first step towards that is to produce a set of valid 
ASCIIDoc sources, so that anyone contributing doesn't have to work 
directly in the messy HTML and manually check section numbers, links, 
etc. From what I gather that should be in line with your long-term plans 
- please let me know if that's not the case, I don't want to barge in 
and step on anyone's toes :).

I'll make a pull request against the docs repo when I have something 
relatively publishable. I'll also try to make sure that the changes you 
made to the HTML book (e.g. removing Fedora LiveUSB Creator, warning 
about the upgrade tool not working, etc.) appear in the converted 
version as well.

As for my background, I've spent the last roughly 5.5 years as a 
technical writer for Red Hat, most of the time I was working on the RHEL 
6 and 7 Installation Guides, so I'm fairly familiar with that topic. 
I've also been a somewhat active member of Fedora Docs, working on the 
Fedora Installation Guide and Release Notes for multiple releases. I'm 
Czech and I'm based in Brno, Czech Republic (UTC+2 right now with DST, 
UTC+1 in winter). If anyone needs to talk to me, you can reach me on 
this mail or as pbokoc on FreeNode in #centos, #rhel, #fedora, or 
#fedora-docs. I'll be checking this list as well.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Petr Bokoč