[CentOS-docs] [CentOS-devel] Authorization to use CentOS logo in GNOME Boxes

Thu Nov 1 00:25:31 UTC 2018
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

On 10/31/2018 02:53 PM, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:
> What does it mean, exactly?
> Does it mean that a logo, as the one done for docker, will be prepared
> for Boxes usage meanwhile or that we'll have to solve the guidelines
> issues as the first thing?

It means two things:

1.  I want to make sure that GNOME has clear permission to use the
graphic logo without the wordmark.

Who will prepare the logo?  I do not know, we could use a volunteer.

When are you OK to use it?  As soon as the Board finishes and issues a
letter, which is now in the draft stage.

2.  I want to clarify any ambiguity/confusion with the trademark
guidelines and the artwork/logo guidelines.

If there is anything needing changes, hopefully that will make it so
that no further special permission is needed for similar uses.

While I do think the permission is already granted by the trademark
guidelines, there may be some ambiguity because there is no
corresponding logo without the wordmark and usage guidelines on the wiki
ArtWork page.

Best regards,

- Karsten
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