[CentOS-docs] CentOS website/blog localization support for IT (italian...) language


afsupertek at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 16:59:28 UTC 2019

Hi, thanks a lo (!) t for your reply.

> I'm doing some working to start the Italian translation job (build a glossary and share some good rules to approach translation task)

I've completed this (simple) task, so I'm ready to start the
translation jpb and also to spread the voice to Italian LUG to catch
other people
No news still from the MoinMoin development team (asking them to
explain if they have some sort of translation support inside their
wiki platform). I will keep you updated

> I don't think we track any stats of that nature.
No data about our web visitors? It's a precise choice? OK to not track
single user, etc but understand from an aggregate point of view:
visitors per country, user web browser (and OS) choice, user device

> Exactly what's https://planet.centos.org?
> Planet Centos is a blog aggregator. However, since we have almost no active bloggers in our community, it ends up just being a mirror of the main blog.centos.org site.
> A while back I looked around for some active centOS bloggers who were posting quality content and came up with almost nothing. If you're aware of any, we can try to get them added on.
I can contact some IT blogger (that wrote about Linux and Centos) that
I found interesting

> If you think there's value in translating these blog posts, I suppose that would be fine. I'm not sure, though, where we would host that content.
I think that this page and the content that it brings is very useful
(both from an announce/news update that from a technical perspective)


Andrea Flori

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