[CentOS-docs] Suggestion for wiki page edit; "OtherSpins"

Simon Avery

digdilem at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 19:41:26 UTC 2019


Discussion point and request for edits (either through an existing approved
editor, or via myself if I am granted access) Hopefully a constructive
suggestion to improve documentation, and elsewhere in the Wiki it advises
me to raise such things through this mailing list.

I recently noticed in Freenode/#centos somebody seeking help and being
redirected to http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/OtherSpins as soon
as they mentioned their issue was on a VPS. Curious, I read the page and
have some suggestions about the wording.

Through this wiki page, the phrase "Genuine CentOS" is used to indicate a
version of CentOS that has been modified by the VPS host.

I think this wording is misleading and would like to suggest is is changed
through this document.

Reasoning: In the computing world, Microsoft and others widely use the
phrase "Genuine" to indicate whether Windows, Office or other products are
licenced legally. The inferrance from this is that these VPS providers are
somehow providing an illegal copy of CentOS. This is obviously not the
case. In fact, this is explained in the text:
"I was sent to this page because I was told that my version of CentOS isn't
genuine CentOS. Will you please explain this?
We have noticed that a lot of people are offering something that they call
CentOS. But this something is in reality only based on CentOS and it has
been modified by the people making it available."

Suggestion 1: Change "Genuine" to "Modified" (contexed accordingly)

Suggestion 2: Rework the tone of this wiki article to be less disdainful.
My personal view is that phrases like "We are not mind readers", "we cannot
provide you with support" are not friendly and would put some people off
from asking for help again. (A similar view to overly widespread use of irc
bot triggers)

Suggestion 3: Make it clearer that some VPS hosts may provide unmodified
CentOS. Whilst the phrase "This is usually the case" comes through, no
evidence to support this assertion is given, so it is heresay. The document
does contain a very clear guide to establishing whether your install is
modified or not, so why not refer to it internally?

In summary: I see the need for this page and think it serves a useful
purpose. However, the frustration of the author comes through too nakedly.
It is too easy to read this page and consider yourself "told off".

Context, from freenode #centos
[17:25:38] <UnLokitoFeliz> Good afternoon I have the doubt how I can clear
cache from the vps, CentOS version is 7
[17:25:55] <Sokel> Cache for?
[17:26:19] <Zathrus> @vps
[17:26:19] <centbot> You are not running CentOS. Please read
http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/OtherSpins and please ask your
provider for further assistance.


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